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The Perfect Parts

Nylon fasteners are a versatile alternative to traditional metal components, offering users a variety of benefits. Lightweight, insulating, and fire and corrosion resistant, nylon hardware is customizable to adapt to a wide range of applications.

Often used to secure metal components together in manufacturing and electronic applications, nylon fasteners are available in the form of caps, screws, washers, nuts, and more. AFI is proud to stock over 1,000 different nylon components to suit all of our customers’ specific needs.

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AFI Trusted Brand: Micro Plastics

With over half a century of experience, Micro Plastics, Inc. is an ISO certified plastics vendor serving a broad range of customers within the global business market. Micro Plastics is the largest threaded nylon fastener in the world, and AFI is proud to be a partner and a distributor of over 1,000 of its high quality nylon products.

AFI Trusted Brand: Volt Industrial Plastics

Like AFI, Volt Industrial Plastics regards reliable customer service with the utmost importance. For over 20 years, Volt has mastered high quality American-made production, timely delivery, and competitive pricing for fasteners in the global market, including 55 components available to AFI customers through our online inventory.

Nylon Fasteners and More at AFI

For over 30 years, AFI has been holding our customers’ world together with a variety of fastening solutions, including a selection of over 1,000 nylon fasteners. We offer a diverse product line, coupled with customizable Vendor Managed Inventory Systems to help to bring our customers unparalleled service, quality, and timeliness.

To learn more about these custom programs or our nylon fastener solutions, contact a member of the AFI team today.