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Anodized Aluminum
Austenitic Stainless Steel
C1010 High-Welding Quality, Low Carbon Steel
C1010 High-Welding Quality, Low Carbon Steel in
Carbon Steel, heat treated
High-Welding Quality, Low Carbon Steel
High-Welding Quality, Low Carbon Steel, Suitable for Heat Treatment
Low Carbon Steel
Low Carbon Steel - Case Hardened
Zinc Alloy SAE 903
Outside Diameter
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3.8 mm
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5.0 mm
5.5 mm
5.8 mm
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6.6 mm
7.0 mm
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8.0 mm
9.7 mm
9/64 in
ad SizeM8 X 1.25-6H
M10 X 1.25
M10 X 1.5-6g
M10 X 1.5-6H
M12 X 1.25-6H
M12 X 1.75-6g
M12 X 1.75-6H
M16 X 2.0-6H
M3 X 0.5-6H
M4 X 0.7-6g
M4 X 0.7-6H
M5 X 0.8-6g
M5 X 0.8-6H
M6 X 1.0-6g
M6 X 1.0-6H
M8 X 1.25-6E
M8 X 1.25-6g
M8 X 1.25-6H
Black Oxide
Black Zinc
C1010 High-Welding Quality, Low Carbon Steel
Cage Plain / Nut Zinc Plated
Copper Flash
Plain, Unless Specified
Steel Copper
Steel Zinc
Zinc & Clr Chromate
Zinc Plated
Zinc Plated with Clear Chromate
Zinc Yellow
7/16 in
Inside Diameter
0.255 in
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Stronger, Safer Connections

Stud welding is a process in which bolts, nuts, and other weld fasteners are welded directly onto the surface of a metal component. This process allows for the attachment of additional components to the original by way of the weld fasteners. Connections made with weld fasteners are very strong, eliminating the need for further, more complex and larger-scale welding operations.

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Weld Fasteners

Spot welding of weld fasteners is an incredibly versatile process. First used in the shipbuilding industry — an industry revolutionized by its introduction — spot welding continues to have modern applications in that industry, as well as in electrical panels, building construction, automobile bodies, and more. Virtually every manufacturing industry can and does employ weld fasteners and stud welding for a number of different purposes.

Weld fasteners are available in a tremendous array of configurations, from standard screws and bolts to levelers, from nuts and specialty nuts to pins, and from tabbed inserts to specialty fittings such as valves, brackets, and electrodes.

AFI Trusted Brand: Buckeye Fasteners

Founded in 1905, Buckeye Fasteners is steeped in history. The Ford Motor Company was one of their earliest weld fastener customers, installing Buckeye weld screws in the Model A, and the US War Department recognized their effort and product quality during World War II.

Today, Buckeye Fasteners supplies AFI with more than 500 different types of weld fasteners, including weld studs and weld screws, retainer wed nuts, square and hex weld nuts, wing nuts, and a variety of specialty weld fasteners.

AFI Trusted Brand: Decker Manufacturing

Decker Manufacturing has built a reputation of quality in its industrial fasteners over the course of over 80 years. With ISO 9001 and EPA certified facilities in both Michigan and Ohio, Decker has a wide distribution range for their highly regarded weld fasteners.

From Decker Manufacturing, AFI stocks a comprehensive range of weld nuts, including square and hex nuts, pilot nuts, extra-long pilot nuts, projection and projection import nuts, and more.

Weld Fasteners at AFI

For more than 30 years, our AFI team has worked hard to establish a reputation for high quality customer service and even higher quality products. We put every fastener, including each of our more than 560 stocked weld fasteners, through a stringent quality assurance vetting program before offering it to our customers. AFI holds your world together by ensuring that your fasteners will hold together.

To learn more about of extensive line of weld fasteners contact us today.