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Available for All Industries

A simple style of mechanical fastener, hinges are a critical component to equipment and assemblies in industries of all kinds. Assembly Fasteners Inc. (AFI) offers over 7,000 specialty hinge products in a variety of colors, styles, mounts, and ranges of motion to suit the specific needs of any project or application.


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A basic yet unique style of fastener, hinges bind two solid objects together while allowing for an angle of rotation between them. Beyond this function, hinges have been developed to serve specialized applications with a range of specific designs, material construction, and even adjustable functions. This can include:

  • Invisible hinges
  • Concealed door hinges
  • Heavy duty hinges
  • Adjustable hidden hinges
  • Double action hinges
  • Lift off hinges
  • Corrosion proof hinges
  • Continuous torque hinges
  • Piano hinges

These hinges have a distinct and stylish hardware that serves custom home design, consumer electronics, marine components, and the aircraft industry with innovative form and function.

AFI Trusted Brand: Sugatsune

Architects, designers, and builders around the world have depended upon Sugatsune’s high quality hardware manufacturing for over 80 years, giving the company a well-deserved reputation for exceptional quality and craftsmanship. These hinges are distinct and stylish, serving custom home design, consumer electronics, marine components, and the aircraft industry with both form and function.

AFI Trusted Brand: Southco

From high performance and exceptional quality to aesthetics and ergonomics, Southco sets the bar for small touches that make big differences. With a focus on a project’s “touch points,” Southco’s innovative catalogue features external, embedded, and concealed hinges of all kinds.

AFI Trusted Brand: Guden

Known for backing every product with personal service and the highest standards of quality assurance, Guden crafts hardware solutions of all kinds, including continuous, butt, removable, spring, and specialty hinges, including military specification designs.

AFI Trusted Brand: Paneloc

Often sourced for the most demanding government, military, aviation, aerospace, armament, and high tech applications, Paneloc fasteners are designed to deliver maximum performance under pressure. These components are manufactured to meet a wide array of operating and environmental conditions, as well as unique specifications and demands.

AFI Trusted Brand: Sierra Pacific

Sierra Pacific’s hinges, latches, handles, and hardware are designed and manufactured to suit the needs of many diverse industries, including marine, automotive, and electronic enclosures. With a focus on top engineering, high value, and competitive pricing, their team takes every product personally.

Hinges and More at AFI

AFI has been providing specialty fasteners to the global marketplace for over 30 years, with hinges adding to an extensive catalogue of functional, visually appealing fastening solutions for a wide range of industries.

Our Vendor Managed Inventory Program, dedication to customer satisfaction, and top of the line suppliers allow the AFI team to offer industry-leading service to engineers, designers, and manufacturers around the world. Contact us today for more information on hinges, fasteners, and how we can hold your world together.