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Music Wire
Material Type
Music Wire
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Type 316
Number of Coils
Outer Diameter
0.11 in
0.125 in
0.178 in
0.18 in
0.188 in
0.21 in
0.24 in
0.25 in
0.295 in
0.3 in
0.36 in
0.375 in
0.42 in
0.48 in
0.6 in
0.72 in
0.845 in
Outside Diameter
0.3 in
Wind Direction
Left Hand
Right Hand
Wire Diameter
0.012 in
0.014 in
0.016 in
0.018 in
0.02 in
0.022 in
0.024 in
0.026 in
0.029 in
0.03 in
0.031 in
0.032 in
0.034 in
0.035 in
0.038 in
0.04 in
0.042 in
0.045 in
0.047 in
0.051 in
0.055 in
0.059 in
0.063 in
0.065 in
0.067 in
0.08 in
0.091 in
0.105 in
Deflection in Degrees
Zinc Plate
Zinc Platte
Free Height
0.25 in
0.313 in
0.375 in
0.433 in
0.438 in
0.45 in
0.5 in
0.563 in
0.625 in
0.688 in
0.75 in
0.875 in
1 in
1.125 in
1.25 in
1.5 in
1.75 in
2 in
2.5 in
Free Length Inside Hooks
0.625 in
0.875 in
1 in
1.125 in
1.25 in
2 in
Inside Diameter
0.916 lbs
1.2 lbs
1.25 lbs
1.294 lbs
1.5 lbs
1.6 lbs
1.666 lbs
1.78 lbs
10.246 lbs
10.3 lbs
100.3 lbs
11 lbs
11.5 lbs
12 lbs
14.161 lbs
15.5 lbs
16.3 lbs
16.493 lbs
18.7 lbs
19 lbs
19.5 lbs
2 lbs
2.09 lbs
2.1 lbs
2.134 lbs
2.4157 lbs
2.5 lbs
20 lbs
22 lbs
29 lbs
3 lbs
3.4 lbs
30 lbs
30.405 lbs
34.986 lbs
4.3 lbs
45.815 lbs
5.2 lbs
5.3 lbs
5.4 lbs
5.831 in
5.964 lbs
6 lbs
6.081 lbs
6.248 lbs
6.256 lbs
6.3 lbs
6.8 lbs
6.9 lbs
7.3 lbs
7.5 lbs
8 lbs
9.5 lbs
9.8 lbs
9.996 lbs
Load Height
0.075 in
0.083 in
0.09 in
0.093 in
0.094 in
0.103 in
0.109 in
0.12 in
0.128 in
0.132 in
0.139 in
0.145 in
0.149 in
0.156 in
0.161 in
0.169 in
0.17 in
0.172 in
0.183 in
0.19 in
0.201 in
0.218 in
0.219 in
0.22 in
0.226 in
0.229 in
0.234 in
0.248 in
0.25 in
0.265 in
0.286 in
0.291 in
0.315 in
0.316 in
0.337 in
0.339 in
0.345 in
0.352 in
0.379 in
0.391 in
0.407 in
0.42 in
0.471 in
0.482 in
0.496 in
0.505 in
0.522 in
0.526 in
0.544 in
0.583 in
0.601 in
0.615 in
0.66 in
1.382 in
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Number of Coils
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Outer Diameter
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Outside Diameter
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Wind Direction
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Wire Diameter
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Deflection in Degrees
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Free Height
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Free Length Inside Hooks
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Inside Diameter
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Small but Critical

Springs are ubiquitous; they can be found in everything from the keyboard sitting in front of you to heavy machinery. Though innocuous and often small, it is common for springs to function in critical roles. This makes it crucial that you fulfill your spring needs with a reputable vendor like AFI.

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Coil Springs

Helical springs, more commonly known as coil springs, are simple mechanical devices. A given spring will serve one of three primary functions: storage and subsequent release of energy, shock absorption, or maintenance of force between two contacting surfaces.

Created by coiling wire around a pre-shaped form, springs are available in one of three primary varieties:

  • Tension, or extension, springs are designed to resist stretching. They generally have an eye or hook on each end and can often be found in use in industrial robotics.
  • spring diagram
  • Compression springs, in contrast, are designed to resist compression — they are commonly used as shock absorbers in vehicles.
  • spring diagram
  • Torsion springs are designed to resist twisting. They are found in a range of applications, from clothes pins to complex machinery.
  • spring diagram

Compression and tension springs resist forces along their helical axes; therefore, the shear modulus of the material used to make them is the primary factor for consideration. Torsion springs, on the other hand, experience torque forces around their helical axes, making the base material’s elastic modulus, or Young’s modulus, the more important property.

AFI Trusted Brands

To ensure that all of your spring requirements are met, the team at AFI worked hard to source only the most well-made springs available. We stock over 550 different springs, all of which are made by one of only three trusted brands.

Lee Spring

Lee Spring is an ISO 9001 registered and RoHS compliant manufacturer of specialty springs. Founded in 1918 by Robert Lee Johannsen in Brooklyn, NY, Lee Spring produces many of the tension, compression, and torsion springs we stock at AFI. Still headquartered in Brooklyn and with facilities across the United States, Mexico, China, Bangalore, and Germany, Lee Spring is a globally recognized brand today.

Century Spring Corp.

AFI stocks a large number of Century Spring products, particularly their compression springs and long length extension springs. Founded in 1927 and merged with MW Industries Inc. in 1997, Century Spring is among the top manufacturers of specialty fasteners and springs in the country.

Associated Spring

Currently a Barnes Group Inc. business, Associated Spring has been innovating spring design and manufacture since 1857. AFI is proud to stock springs, spring washers, and other specialty spring-related products from a company with the history and proven track record of Associated Spring.

Spring Solutions at AFI

Our team at AFI goes to great lengths to ensure that the products we stock are the best the industry has to offer. We hold prospective sources to strict standards so that our customers know that the products they buy from us are up to the task of holding their world together. We back up our careful product selection with unrivaled customer service and dedication to expedient delivery. We’ve done it this way for 30 years, and we’ll keep doing it this way to provide our customers with the best.

Contact us today to learn more about the high quality torsion, compression, and tension springs we stock.